What is Agendex Federated Search?

Agendex touts itself as being a “One and Done” solution to address several calendaring challenges: deploy once against your on premises Exchange system or Microsoft 365 tenant, and all your users can immediately start using its features. A smart, secure way to provide your users with powerful tools and avoid the all-too-common “Shadow IT” solutions that abound, potentially putting your organization at risk.

In our previous blog post, “Agendex for Administrative Assistants“, we discussed how the Federated Search feature can be extremely useful.

But what exactly is Federated Search, and how do you set it up? Although this article is meant to be more of a technical dive into this feature, you’ll see that we’ve made it so simple to configure, the figurative “child’s play” can almost be taken literally!

When you first login to Agendex, you need to setup your initial Exchange system; there is a small difference between Exchange on premises and online. For M365 Exchange Online, you first need to grant the application access to your tenant:


You then provide the Impersonation Account email that you’ve setup in your tenant, per the instructions here.

That’s it! You’ve now added your first system!

Now, normally, if you were to try to provide Busy/Search functionality across multiple Exchange or Microsoft 365 systems, you’d be dealing with permissions, trusts, and complex configurations. With Agendex – child’s play!

You have one system currently configured? To add another one, simply click the “+” icon at the top of the list!



All you need to do then is configure your second system. In this case, let’s assume this one is an on premises Exchange; you would simply select that from the dropdown list, provide the impersonation account, and you’re done!


(At this point I feel I should apologize if you were expecting something more complex!)

Once you’ve saved the configuration, you will now have two systems in your Agendex instance: 


Users from either system will then be able to login to Agendex to quickly and easily book meetings by doing their Free/Busy search from there. People, rooms, and resources from both systems will be available through Agendex!

You can federate as many systems as you require, and they can absolutely be a mix of on premises Exchange and Microsoft 365.

One and done!

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