Using Shared Calendars to Build Community

We use calendars every day. We use them to plan, to keep on track, and to manage our business and personal lives. But for the most part, we don’t think of calendars as a communications channel. But calendars can be the best communication channel available to help you connect with your community.

Think of a performing arts center that needs to let audiences know about concerts and plays. Think of a town that needs to let residents know about community events. Think of a school that needs to share information daily with parents and students. Calendars are visual, updatable, and provide a dynamic shared space to communicate. One calendar can get across messages that a hundred emails and newsletters never could do.

Why Aren’t Calendars Everywhere?

Long story, short. Calendar sharing can be, well, to be honest, painful. Most major office software systems have a built-in calendar. They are full of functionality, and again, to be honest, a bit complicated when you want to use them to communicate with large groups. Delegation, impersonation, permissions, etcetera, etcetera. Sure there are stand-alone calendaring solutions for public calendars. Meeting booking and all sorts of other calendaring use cases. But typically they only do one thing and they don’t integrate seamlessly with office software. So finding a way to use calendars to their full potential has been challenging.

Start Using Calendars to Build Connections

Providing and exchanging valuable information is a core component of building community. The things you do are valuable to the communities and audiences you serve. But only if they know about them.

If you use Microsoft 365 or Exchange, Agendex will help you simplify public calendar sharing. They’ll let you use your calendars to share valuable information to build a stronger connection and a sense of community with your audiences.  

Get Your Calendar Out to the World in Minutes

One of the most powerful features of Agendex is the ability to share a calendar with the world (or just a selected audience in minutes). To create a new calendar you just create an email address for it and add it to the accounts list and set it to public – or private if you want it for internal use. Add your events and you are ready to share. You can update events at any time and even notify mobile users when an event is rescheduled or canceled.

Oh yeah, did we mention there’s a mobile app?

Create Personal Calendars

Team members can also set up personal calendars to share their availability. You can share availability meeting times and even allow folks outside your organization to book meetings or appointments. Personal calendars can be combined to give an overview of who’s doing what on any team using the powerful matrix view feature. In today’s world of remote working, team collaboration features like this are more valuable than ever.

Manage Rooms and Resources

When you are planning a meeting or event you need to be able to book a venue and even the resources you need for your meeting, Agendex lets you do just that. Pick from a list of rooms and check their availability before you schedule your meeting or event. And then book any resources you need for the room from the same screen. You’ll also be able to check on room availability on the fly using the mobile app so you can grab a room for a last-minute meeting or event.  

Build a Bigger Tent

Building community means breaking down barriers. Agendex allows you to onboard trusted collaborators. You can add partners, teachers, coaches, and volunteers to Agendex without creating new Microsoft 365/Exchange accounts. They can manage public calendars. Set up personal availability calendars and even book rooms and resources. Agendex lets you build a bigger tent that includes all the people who work together to make your organization go.

Community Counts

For business, public organizations, schools, healthcare, or government, community counts. Whether it’s with customers, students, patients, citizens, or partners, we are all trying to connect. If you organize events, you need people to know about them and nothing communicates about events better than a calendar. Put the power of Agendex to work building your community. Get Started today.

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