Riva Next Acquires Agendex

Riva International, Inc. gains intellectual property to fulfill customer demand

Edmonton, AB. Riva Next Inc., an Edmonton-based intellectual property and development holding company, has acquired Agendex, a Montreal-based developer of enterprise-level calendar publishing and booking solutions. The move to acquire Agendex started in late 2020 to satisfy a gap in the Riva International Inc. (Riva) product suite. The deal, signed March 31, 2021, sees the Agendex product continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Riva Next.

“We’ve known the talented team that developed Agendex for years,” said Aldo Zanoni. “We are thrilled about what the next few months have in store for Riva and for our customers as we introduce new features into our expanded product suite.”

The acquisition of Agendex fits into Riva’s strategy to make the Riva Relationship Engine the most powerful customer data operations solution for enterprises in regulated industries. By purchasing Agendex, Riva not only gains a talented team, but also the ability to introduce advanced booking and schedule availability features customers have been asking for.

“I could not have wished for a better fit than to join forces with a trusted business partner of over 20 years,” said Pierre Chamberland, Co-founder of Agendex. “The Riva team is still as ambitious as on Day One. They have the same customer-first culture that ensures the capabilities we’ve built will seamlessly integrate into the Riva platform while Agendex continues to serve the public sector, education, and other community-based vertical markets.”    



About Riva

Riva (rivaengine.com) offers innovative technology integration and data operations solutions to help advisors, sales, marketing, and service professionals in regulated industries deepen customer relationships and meet strategic goals.  Riva’s platform, The Riva Relationship Engine, provides seamless interoperability between Salesforce and the leading business and calendar applications (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Workspace) – securely and at scale. 

The Riva Relationship Engine intelligently conditions, curates, and synchronizes customer data so the right data gets placed in the right CRM and enterprise context – whether that’s through a busy inbox, mobile calendar application, or a complex multi-platform enterprise environment.   

Riva is trusted by and serves over 200 of the world’s top financial services companies and more than 850 security-minded organizations.

About Agendex

The Agendex (agendex.com) mission is to eliminate the cost and complexity traditionally associated with the problem of multi-tenant free/busy searches, calendar sharing/publishing, and personal/resource booking for both internal and external users. Unique in the market, Agendex works simultaneously against multiple on-premises Microsoft Exchange or cloud-based Microsoft 365 systems. It provides cross-system advanced searching for availability and events, sharing your users’ choice of internal or public calendars in under 30 seconds – no complicated processes, GPO, or Microsoft Outlook extensions required.


Media Contact:

Aldo Zanoni


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