Press the Easy Button on M365/Exchange Calendar Sharing

Have you ever been trying to set up a meeting with potential clients or let a group of partners know about the agenda for an upcoming series of meetings or promote an event to the public? What do those things have in common? They are all calendar-based and they should all be easy – right? But if you are a Microsoft 365/Exchange calendar user you know it isn’t simple.

Here’s How it’s Done

The internet is full of How-Tos for all the various flavours of calendar sharing possible in Microsoft 365/Exchange calendar. Here’s an example on Robinpowered.  They all have one thing in common. They aren’t quick or straightforward for end-users.

In general, sharing calendars outside your organization works like this:

  1. Pick the calendar you want to share
  2. Set permissions
  3. Change Public Calendar to Availability only
  4. Go back to the calendar and select share
  5. Add the emails of the folks you want to share with
  6. Set permissions for calendar visibility
  7. Repeat these steps for every calendar you want to share

So, sharing calendars outside your organization in Microsoft 365/Exchange is possible, it just isn’t easy enough for the average person to use regularly.

Just Press the Easy Button

Agendex is basically an easy button for sharing Microsoft 365/Exchange calendar with folks outside your organization. Agendex works with your Microsoft calendars to streamline calendar sharing as well as adding new functionality that will simplify your work-life and let you focus on your work rather than figuring out how to share a calendar.  

Here is how calendar sharing works with Agendex:

  1. Login to Agendex with your Microsoft 365/Exchange credentials
  2. Get your personal availability link
  3. Send this link to whoever you like.

Sounds better right? Stop struggling and start sharing your calendars with Agendex.

How Else Can Agendex Help?

From helping with telework to booking meetings with clients to improving collaboration with your trusted partners, Agendex can help supercharge your Microsoft 365/Exchange calendar and turn it into a communication and collaboration powerhouse. You can learn all about Agendexon our website and find out some of the innovative ways people are using it. Or just get started and try it for yourself.

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