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It’s Been a Busy Spring at Agendex!

Oh, my! As summer begins here in the northern hemisphere (with a thought for everyone in the southern hemisphere heading into winter!), there are so many new things to talk about at Agendex. Everyone has been busy over the spring season to bring about a bunch of new changes and features.

So, let’s jump right in and introduce all the changes!

A New Logo

Well, not entirely “new”, but we’ve just refreshed the colours a little bit. We didn’t want to change it too drastically, but wanted to get away from the monochrome ultraviolet look. Orange and blue are definitely two colours that go beautifully together (and it’s also a great album by jazz guitarist Al Di Meola, incidentally!).

A New Web Site

Yes, as you may have noticed, we’ve completely revamped our web site, basing the theme on the new colours of our logo! A fresh, new look; cleaner, more modern pages, and some clarifications on our features and benefits.

A Live Demo System

Our developers have setup a “Live Demo” system that allows anyone to get access to and poke around a real, live instance of Agendex. All settings and data are reset every night, and a lot of the settings have been set as Read-only, but you’ll get a sense of what Agendex looks like “under the hood”.

You can access the system by clicking on the floating button on the right side of your web browser, or the static button at the top of the page if you’re viewing this on a mobile device.

New Pricing

We received great feedback from customers, and consequently re-organised our pricing structure. You can now subscribe to Agendex based on the size of your team – still just one low price for all your users, but with different price points based on the size of your organisation. See our Pricing page for more info.

A New Version

We recently released version 2.0, followed shortly by version 2.1. The biggest news about these releases is around our MyAvailability feature, which allows users to send links to external recipients to allow quick, efficient meeting bookings. Up until this release, users only had one unique link to share with external recipients. They had some control over how to present their calendar, but it was one single view for every external recipient.
Starting with version 2.0, Agendex now offers meeting templates, which allows users to create unique meeting links with very specific parameters, such as subject, duration, available times, and whether to conduct the meeting in person or online; in the case where it’s online, the user can specify which conferencing system to use.


The user also has the option to indicate whether some of his or her internal colleagues are required for the meeting. Once the external recipient receives the link and accesses the calendar, it will display an aggregate view of all required internal attendees! This ensures that the recipient selects a time when everyone is available!

And now, with version 2.1, we are making it optional to use an Agendex “service account” for MyAvailability links. Up until now, the use of a service account has provided performance improvements especially for organisations mostly using Agendex to book internal meetings. The service account allowed us to cache some information to render calendars much faster. The downside to this was for MyAvailability links: when external recipients booked a meeting in your calendar, the service account was the meeting organiser, thereby preventing you from modifying the meeting.

An Agendex administrator can now disable the use of service accounts, making the user the meeting organiser and allowing him or her to modify the meeting any time they want.

And that’s it! Whew!

We certainly hope that all these changes will make Agendex a solution that you’ll consider for your calendaring and scheduling needs! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or contact us via our About Us page.

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