Introducing Agendex v1.2

‘Tis the season, as we say, and so we are thrilled to unwrap Agendex version 1.2 just in time for Christmas! Our developers have been hard at work since the initial release back in October, and based on customer feedback, they’ve gon ahead and done something very, very cool: using Agendex, you can now view availability of people, rooms, and resources across multiple Microsoft 365 or Exchange systems!

That’s right – using the Agendex application, you can now view the calendars across disparate systems and easily book time for that amazing presentation of yours. For a quick overview, see this video:

But that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!


Other new features include:

  • Persistent calendar list and selections: now, when you expand the calendar list on the left, all your selections, as well as the state of the calendar list, will remain persistent after you go to other views.
  • Response statuses when viewing appointments: after booking an appointment, users can now see whether recipients have Accepted, Declined, or marked their response as Tentative.
  • Search public calendars by location and tags: as more customers come on board and publish public calendars, users will now be able to search using locations and tags. For example, someone looking for a calendar of events located in Montreal, Canada could use the mobile app or go to and search for “Montreal” to find all published calendars.
  • Audit external users actions: keep track of what external collaborators are doing.
  • Show event status (Free/Busy/OOO/Tentative): new icons now provide status on meetings viewed through Agendex
  • UI improvements: various interface improvements throughout the product
  • Easily distinguish your own events: when looking at multiple calendars, and icon will distinguish your own calendar from others.
  • Direct edit from Availability: users can now edit appointments they’ve created directly from the Availability view.
  • Toggle Business Hours display in Week and Day view: users can now select whether to view business hours in these two views.
  • Richer event details window: Agendex now provides more information about meetings and bookings in the details pane.
  • New Settings design: complete redesign of the Settings layouts.
  • Password Security: admin passwords are now hidden in the settings screens.
  • Cross-system admins: for organizations federating multiple M365/Exchange systems.
  • Portal improvements: added option for Primary support and additional systems.
If you’re looking for a way to simplify calendaring across systems, or to add functionality to M365/Exchange features, you can Get Started now, FREE for 30 days!

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