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The COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home, and a new generation of tech-savvy employees have drastically changed the market, recently. Many companies are feeling the effects of the so-called “Great Resignation”, and staff shortages are the order of the day.

There’s a whole new generation entering the marketplace and companies are scrambling to reach them and hire them. In some cases, a potential employee can suddenly become unavailable because of a few minutes lost to inefficiencies.

That’s a lot of pressure on HR departments; they can’t afford to be inefficient.

And yet…most of you still use email back-and-forth to book interviews with candidates.

HR: “Here are 3 available times for an interview; can you please get back to me and let me know which one works for you?”

Candidate: “Actually, I’m not available any of those times; how about next Thursday at 10AM?”

HR: “No, sorry – I’m already booked at that time. How about these 2 times?”

Candidate: “Sorry, but I’ve already received an offer somewhere else, but thanks, anyways!”

Another one lost.

This is not an efficient way of doing things.

With Agendex, a recruiter could simply publish the times he or she is available for interviews and send their MyAvailability link.

For example, in our demo system, Sofia Demelo from the Centerville Community Center is responsible for recruitement. When contacting candidates, she simply includes her MyAvailability link in her email; when candidates click the link, they can see which times are available and simply right-click on a block to book a time (you can actually interact with the calendar below!):

In many organizations, HR is also responsible for scheduling employee training. With Agendex, you can also share Exchange/M365 calendars so people can see what training is available; these calendars are managed through your Outlook client, something everyone is familiar with. Include the link for registration in the event body and that makes it super-simple for employees to sign up!

You can easily embed your corporate-branded Agendex calendars in your Intranet or SharePoint sites so that everyone has quick access to them!

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