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Agendex for Administrative Assistants

The CEO of your company needs to schedule an executive meeting within the next two weeks to prepare for the shareholders’ meeting next month. He needs the CFO to be there, the VP of Marketing, the 3 VPs of Sales, as well as the 2 Operations Directors.

Well, that’s just great! 😫

Two of those sales VPs are in different subsidiaries, as is one of the Operations Directors; that’s three different, unconnected email systems, so you can’t easily see everyone’s availability.

So here we go with the email back-and-forths, again! You ask everyone about their upcoming availability; you start getting answers, but not everyone is quick to respond, so that takes time.

Looks like next Wednesday at 2PM works for everyone.

Oh, wait – Bob, one of the Sales VPs, has now booked a meeting for that time! Ugh!

What a colossal waste of time getting everyone together.

This is where Agendex eases the pain. With Agendex, you can “federate” as many Exchange (on-prem) or Office 365 systems as you want; once the systems are federated, users across ALL systems can easily do an availability search for people, rooms, and resources!

In the example below, from our Centerville Community Center demo system, Emily needs to book a meeting with a few people from the Community Center and the Arts Center (2 different email systems!); she also needs Conference Room 2 and the Projector.

Looks like everyone – and everything! – is wide open on Thursday. Excellent.


Pick a time and book it!


Literally just a few minutes to take care of the CEO’s request. Talk about efficient!

To view a cross-system availability search in action, you can view the video below.

Then, you can click the button below for your free 45-day trial.

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