Agendex 1.3 – New Community Edition!

Back in December we released Agendex 1.2, which introduced the capability to view the availability of people, rooms, and resources across multiple Microsoft 365 or Exchange systems to easily book meetings.

Now, fresh into the new year, our development team has packed up a lot of the exciting features of Agendex and made it available in a Community Edition for on premises deployments.

And you know what “Community Edition” means, right?

You got it: it’s absolutely free!

The Community Edition can be deployed against an on premises Exchange system or Microsoft 365, so you can now:

  • easily share calendars publicly
  • allow ALL your users to share their personalised MyAvailability link to allow customers, vendors, partners, or anyone else, book a meeting with them – no more back-and-forth emails!
  • simplify meeting bookings by allowing all users to search availability of people, rooms, and resources, and displaying the results in clear, friendly calendar views (day, week, month!)

Calendaring Software Canada

The Enterprise version also brings some new features, specifically in the MyAvailability features. Users now have more flexibility in how they display their MyAvailability calendars:

Users can choose whether they simply display their entire calendar busy slots from their Exchange/M365 calendars and let external guests book any open time slot, or make specific times available for external users.

For example, Emily North, the Event Coordinator for the Centerville Community Arts Center in our demo system, often needs to meet with new booking agency representatives. She has therefore chosen to make two time slots available per week for these meetings:

When she includes her MyAvailability link in her email signatures, representatives who look at her calendar will see the times available for meetings:

Here is a list of all new features surrounding MyAvailability:
  • option to show only free slots
  • busy slots always taken into consideration
  • apply My Availability options to all or external-only meetings (was previously hard-coded to “all meetings”)
  • calendar time step applied to MyAvailability
  • default duration at personal level (was previously global)
  • week view default in MyAvailability
  • full re-design of MyAvailability General Options
  • book first available slot for each day
  • allow duration exception
  • colour visualisation of free / busy slots (green / red)

Now it's up to you; you can:

(30 days free, no credit card required!)

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