A “Brand” New Day!

People just love colours. And logos. So, with the release of Agendex version 1.4, that’s what were giving you! An almost infinite amount of colours!

With version 1.4, organizations can now brand their Agendex interface to more closely match their corporate identity. Organizations can specify the Product Name (which will show up in the meeting request notifications and emails), the Company Name, which can appear at the top-left of the interface along with the logo, and of course, the organizational logo.

All of these parameters have very flexible sliders and controls which allow you to see the changes in real-time before applying them! When you’re happy with the way things look, just click Save and your entire UI will reflect your colours and logo.

Check out our demo system, in which the fictional Centerville Community Center and their sister organization, the Centerville Arts Center, are using Agendex to publish calendars of events from their Exchange systems.

So, bye-bye Agendex, hello “Whoever you want to be“!

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